5 Unprofessional Pitfalls To Avoid In The Workplace

5 Unprofessional Pitfalls To Avoid In The WorkplaceThe job market is tougher than ever – finding and keeping a job is harder than ever. So when you do grab the role you want, it’s important to be as professional as possible so you maintain and enhance your workplace reputation.

Binning bad behaviour and avoiding workplace woes are crucial to projecting the right image in the job. So here are 5 pitfalls to be avoided if you want to maintain an upward career trajectory.

  1. Bad manners – Good manners cost nothing, according to the old maxim. But bad manners or plain rudeness can cost you your career. Learn workplace etiquette, such as the correct way to address colleagues and managers. Don’t be over-familiar and mind your language – the sort of banter that goes down well in the pub could land you in hot water on the shop floor.
  2. Tardiness – nothing irritates colleagues and bosses more than someone who can’t make it to their desk or for meetings on time. Lateness shows a lack of respect for your position and indicates to others that you might be as lackadaisical in your approach to your output. Be on time and be prepared when you get there.
  3. Lack of organisation – when your desk looks as though a filing cabinet has exploded over it and you can’t lay your hands on something as simple as a phone or your pen, you are projecting a very unprofessional image to workmates and to outsiders. You don’t have to be a neat freak who lines up pencils according to size; just make sure your files and paperwork are in order and easily found so you don’t miss deadlines or lose crucial information.
  4. Lack of awareness – knowing what others are doing and what’s important to the organisation is essential if you want to be a professional colleague. Don’t get bogged down in your own work to the detriment of being aware of the big picture.
  5. Being over-emotional – a workplace can often be a place of high emotions, such as anger and frustration. You need to keep your emotions in check, knowing when it’s appropriate to display such feelings. Keep your temper under control, approach situations calmly and you’ll send out the vibes that you a positive, professional individual.

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