How Effective Is Chewing Gum For Losing Weight?

chewing gumOften linked to successful weight loss stories, chewing gum is thought to be a great addition to your lifestyle if you’re trying to shift the pounds. Being sugar-free and holding hardly any calories, chewing gum is a great prelude to eating food and is thought to possibly even burn calories! Some studies have suggested it could act as an appetite suppressant, too. However, a new study by the Ohio State University has put to rest the many theories about this minty breath freshener. Researchers have found that once people spit out their gum, they go on to eat as much as those who haven’t eaten any gum. Not only does chewing gum not have any positive effect on your weight loss, but it could even lead to nutritional deficiencies.

In a study, it was found that those who chewed a low-calorie gum compared to those who didn’t chew anything ate fewer but larger meals, as well as it being more likely that they’d eat less nutritious meals, too. It was also noted that, in the study, those who’d chewed gum were less likely to aim for the healthy snacks on offer, whereas those who chewed nothing tried to eat fruit as opposed to sugary snacks. While gum may be getting a negative reputation as being bad for you, this isn’t entirely true. Chewing gum is a far healthier alternative to smoking or other bad health habits, as well as helping to keep your mouth healthy and plaque-free after eating fruit or other snacks. If you’re trying to lose weight though, you’d be better off sticking to a healthy and balanced diet that’s rich in fruit and vegetables, as well as increasing the amount of exercise you do. This will ensure you lose weight safely and at a steady pace.

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