Masturbation: How Does it Impact your Health?

There are many myths surrounding the facts of masturbation, such as it leading to infertility, impotence and even blindness. In order to understand any risks attached to this sexual act, it’s important to first know more about what masturbation involves and the effect it has on your body – whether harmful or helpful. Masturbating is a healthy process, which is perfectly natural and doesn’t need to have shame or anxiety surrounding it. Here are some of the facts around this issue.


Semen is one of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to masturbation – many people don’t know the facts about it, which leads to irrational beliefs. Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, citric acid and lipids, as well as acid phosphatase – these ingredients allow the sperm to travel on its journey throughout the female body. There are myths surrounding semen, such as that men lose testosterone through ejaculating and that semen in itself creates a child. These are not true, as there is no testosterone in semen.


There are no health problems associated with masturbating. In fact, the only issues one may feel are those which are psychological – fear and guilt are often linked to this act, as are feelings of nervousness, worry and stress. Masturbating doesn’t affect your sexual ability or cause any health concerns, though. It’s an individual choice if you masturbate or not – doing it or abstaining won’t affect you in any way. You may even notice benefits to this act! It is the safest way to control your sexual urges, as there is no risk of unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, as well as it helping you to learn about your own body and your sexual likes and dislikes. However, it is important to note that masturbating compulsively may be a sign of a problem. If it is affecting your work or social life, or other aspects of your life, then you may want to seek medical advice in case you have a compulsive disorder. Your GP will be able to offer advice on this if you are concerned.


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