Can The Lemonade Diet Help You Lose Weight?

There can be no doubt about it: many people are completely obsessed with their weight and their body image. Many of these people will do almost anything to lose weight and are constantly trying diets and other forms of shedding the pounds. This means that dieting is big business with desperate people always willing to spend money on the next big thing in weight loss.

One of the newest crazes is known as the lemonade diet. It is based on the principle of detoxing by fasting. The lemonade diet claims that it works by dissolving as well as eliminating toxins that may have formed in any parts of the body. It is reported to cleanse the digestive system and help to purify the cells that run through the entire body. This is done by eliminating all of the unusable waste and relieving pressure in the nerves and blood vessels. This way it can help to keep one youthful too.

This diet is recommended to be followed for at least ten days or even up to 40 days. It has been suggested that this regime can be repeated three to four times in a year and will still be effective. The basis of this diet is the intake of only citrus fruits that contain vitamin C but might put you at the risk of malnutrition due to a lack of various nutrients that is gotten from other sources.

As far as the concept detoxification is concerned, medical experts argues that the capacity of the body to detoxify will be greatly reduced due to lack of essential nutrients such as those that you can get from other foodstuffs.

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