Could You Boost Your Running Performance with Snack Bars?

There are so many products out there that aim to boost your vitamin and mineral intake, with everything from weight loss supplements to general wellbeing-enhancing multivitamins. However, a real burgeoning submarket of this is in sporting snacks, with bars, drinks and gels designed to take your athletic performance to the next level. So, which one’s the best?

Frank snack bars were created by former Everton footballer (and vegan) Neil Robinson, and you can buy a multipack of 20 for £17. The snacks contain oats, dates and other dried fruit and a small amount of chocolate, but at 119 calories they are fairly light. The texture is quite dense and cakey, even fudgey, but what about the nutritional value? Each 35g bar contains roughly 4g of protein – and plenty of carbs, of course. Yourwellness Magazine recommends Frank snack bars as a mid-afternoon snack if you’re going running in the evening.

You can buy a multipack of 18 Nakd bars for £13.99, but you probably already knew that as these bars seem to pop up everywhere now, in supermarkets and corner stores. In terms of vitamins and minerals, this bar is very good on nutritional value – packed with raw fruits and nuts. Nakd bars are vegan and gluten-free, but contain slightly more calories than Frank bars (135) and a little less protein (3g). These bars, being fruit-based, are high in natural sugars, but are a decent snack – especially for small children who crave chocolate.

Trek protein bars are more of a substantial snack, even being marketed as a possible breakfast on the go. You can purchase 12 for £13.99 and will be particularly pleased with the taste if you’re a peanut butter fan. The bars contain around 11-12g of protein in a 68g bar and are certainly filling, which is why it’s not advisable to eat one directly before a run. The bars are substantial enough to give you a pretty hefty stitch, but may be a good refuelling snack after a long run or gym session. Again, these bars are vegan and gluten-free, and, although they contain a relatively high 239 calories, they’re recommended for people who are not fans of protein drinks or shakes.

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