How to Save Money with these Healthy Homemade Lunches

Whether you do it for your financial wellness or for your health, packing your own lunch is a smart decision. Sure, when the alarm rings at 6.30 you might decide it’s best for your wellbeing to pick up a sandwich on the way to work, but the price and the mystery ingredients can start to take a toll on your wallet and health if you buy your lunch every day. Working women don’t always have time to prepare the perfect, healthy lunch, but these ideas can help inspire you to get creative with simple ingredients.

An easy option to grab-and-go if you’re in a rush is to have plenty of nuts, fruit and cheese at-the-ready. If you’re stocked up in advance, you can quickly ensure you have a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, sugar, and fibber to help you feel full and energized, simply by grabbing a few pieces of fruit an a bag of nuts. Then all you need to do is cut off a few chunks of cheese, or even get some single serving cheeses for added calcium and protein.

If you’re like most households, chances are you make pasta for dinner and are left with far too much. Leftover pasta or noodle salad is a great way to incorporate already-cooked food into a light and healthy lunch. Whole wheat pasta and noodles are better for you than white, as they provide more fibre and protein, and then all you need to do is mix in some olive oil and veggies to get the energy and sustenance you need to get through the afternoon.

You’ll be amazed how full, energized, and happy you can feel after you eat a lunch of hummus, veggies, and crackers. All you need to do in terms of preparation is cut up the vegetables, which you can easily do the night before or in the morning. There is a ridiculous amount of different pre-made hummus packs, but it’s also easy to make your own at home if you so choose. Once you’ve got your hummus and veggies all ready, throw them into a container with some crackers and lunch is served!

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