Work Hard, Play Hard: What are the Most Enjoyable Jobs?

If you’re going to achieve real corporate wellness in your job, you need to enjoy it. However, does it come down to your personal tastes? Or are some jobs just more fun than others?

The benefit of being a flight purse/air hostess is that you, obviously, get to travels all over the world. According to Viviano Shine, a Precision Air flight purser, ‘There is so much fun in this job. Not only do you get a chance to travel, but also you meet various people from all walks of life – from the ordinary person to famous personalities like politicians, film stars, businesspersons, celebrities, and sports person.’

Journalists also have the opportunity to travel and speak to interesting people, but a US survey last year ranked the job as one of the worst professions in the world, due to high levels of stress and scarce career opportunities. Yet many of those in the business will tell you that, if you’re cut out for it, journalism is a uniquely rewarding, wonderful career. You’re always learning, you get paid to meet interesting people and celebrities, and then there’s the small matter of self-expression.

Rubbing up strangers may not be your idea of a fun experience, but for Romana Joakim, a masseuse at the Massage Parlour in Mbezi Beach, her job is extremely enjoyable. ‘The fun part of this job is relieving people of their psychological stress, and also interacting with different people,’ she says. ‘There is also fun in the sense that it is work done in an informal environment. You actually will be talking and chatting while doing the job.’

It’s easy to imagine the enjoyment you’d get out of working as a florist. Flowers are an incredible gift of nature, full of beauty and wonderful smells and meaning. Surrounding yourself with all of that, and having a chance to get creative, at least sounds like a fun job. For florist Esther Nkya, ‘A florist is a person who sells and deals in ornamental plants and flowers. We engage ourselves not only in designing flowers but also buying, selling and looking after preserved plants and flowers. I have a great passion for flowers. But I finally made the decision to do this after taking a lot of time to find the kind of flowers I wanted to beautify my garden. Local flower vendors had the same flowers, and I wanted variety.’

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