The use of sleep: there is no need to prove

It’s no secret that a normal dream is the most important generator of energy and beauty. What is the use of sleep? And why do those who do not get enough sleep grow twice as fast? Sleep – the most useful rest The benefit of sleep is not only a rested organism, but also a good appearance. Women know firsthand that lack of sleep immediately the next day makes itself felt in the form of red eyes, bags under the eyes and dull skin. Especially unpleasant, when colleagues notice this and pester questions. If the lack of sleep lasts for several nights, then this disparaging attitude to one’s health affects not on the face, but on the state of health in general. With regular lack of sleep, a person begins to experience dizziness, the skin becomes dry, the appetite disappears and hair begins to fall out. Therefore, the use of sleep is not only an important thing, but even vital to our body. How long does it take for a person to sleep in order to feel healthy and beautiful? Many immediately answer “8 hours” – 1/3 of the day. But this truth has long since become obsolete, because the rhythm of life and the external conditions of life have changed. Moreover, some people claim that they normally feel themselves and after 5-6 hours of sleep and they do not bear any negative consequences. For some, a dream is something sacred, and sleeping less than 10 hours a day is equivalent to torture for them. And in the current conditions of a mad world this is normal, because the biological clock in the body of each of us is different, hence the needs are different. Recent studies have shown that the optimal benefit the body will receive after 7 hours of sleep. The fewer hours spent in bed can really affect the overall condition and skin, but an overabundance of sleep can talk about problems with hormones. Many experts say that the benefits of sleep during the day also exist. It lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and it is this blitz-sleep that will help to charge forces for the rest of the day. In the US, even there are firms in large office buildings that provide a place for sleep for such a short period of time, assuring that such a dream increases the stress-resistance at work. The use of sleep is primarily important for women’s beauty. The skin suffers from lack of sleep, it is the sleep that provides the skin with all the necessary elements. Healthy sleep is sometimes even more important than cosmetic products and procedures. It is worth remembering that the production of collagen, responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, is accelerated precisely during sleep. Also during sleep, the water balance of the skin is restored, and this is an important component of young skin without wrinkles. During sleep, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for the metabolism in the body, and therefore the extra pounds will not be postponed and the benefit of sleep also affects the maintenance of the figure in good shape. Celebrities value useful sleep The benefits of sleep have affected both the great minds and famous beauties. They serve as an example of a careful attitude to their body. So: Albert Einstein liked to sleep for 10-12 hours a day. For him, in principle, there was no framework, he slept as long as he wanted, ate what and how much he wanted, in general, he did not deny himself anything. At the same time, he felt great and died at the age of 76. The great and mind-blowing Catherine Deneuve, who in her almost 70 years, looks simply wonderful, never made plastic surgeries and always thought it was the use of sleep as the main condition for maintaining beauty and health. The great French actress sleeps at least 8 hours a day. Answering endless questions about the secrets of her beauty, Deneuve flauntedly declares: “It’s a lot to sleep, do not sunbathe, do little sports – these are my secrets.” The most famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova considers the most important condition for good health – a dream. Maria tries to sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink plenty of water and maintain a balance in the diet. But the champion of Wimbildon knows what she is talking about. The benefits of sleep are not disputed by anyone. Sleep is the recharging of our body, without it one can not only feel bad, but also die. But no one stimulates you to wake up work for the sake of health, just go to bed earlier and then the morning will be kind. Good night! Source: * Our content is not designed to provide medical assistance and diagnose specific health problems. We do not replace professional medical advice. Users / readers are always advised to consult their doctor before beginning any health course or treatment. Your Wellness Group does not bear any responsibility if you, the n-gage user and the reader of this article, are suffering from a loss of health as a result of misunderstanding and applying information.

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