5 Rules For an Effective Corporate Wellness Programme

Healthy workers are happy workers, and to ensure that your employees are as healthy and successful as possible, a wellness programme is essential. Corporate wellness programmes have proved to be extremely valuable and effective to many companies, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs, and improving employee enthusiasm and performance. Encouraging your employees to appreciate and use corporate wellness programmes may seem like a difficult task at times, but there are some basic steps and rules you can follow as an employer, in order to maintain interest and enthusiasm.


Make sure that your wellness programme is inclusive and effective. It needs to be relevant and useful to all your employees, not just a minority. Consider the different roles, workspaces and needs of your employees to make sure your wellness programme has something to offer to all of them. Begin your wellness programme with a dedicated event, such as a health fair. A large-scale event acts as a big announcement and won’t fail to catch everyone’s attention. Local health and wellness companies and businesses could be invited onto company spaces to offer products, information and even discounts or free services. This will engage local businesses and support the health industry, whilst getting your employees talking and interested in wellness. Once you have got your employees engaged in the wellness programmes, offer them incentives to continue participating in it. Providing group activities and free healthy meals can create a positive and appreciative atmosphere amongst employees, and encourage them to continue caring for their own health and the wellness initiative. Group activities such as charity runs have the added bonus of improving workplace relationships.


Giving your employees access to evaluative tools, such as mobile apps that measure health and can give reminders and feedback on progress is a good idea. Employees who are able to use integrative technology to manage their personal health are more successful and positive about wellness schemes. You can also integrate your wellness scheme into benefit enrollment platforms which will enable reports on health to be made as well. As the service continues to be used, make sure it does not become redundant by re-evaluating, updating and improving the service regularly. Review the results of the programme so far, and make improvements in the relevant areas.

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