Could Your Vitamin Pills be Damaging Your Wellness?

Many people taking vitamins, minerals and supplements on a daily basis, believing that in doing so, they are benefiting their wellness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, a new book claims that these products are all a bit of a con. Worst of all, this multi-billion pound con could actually be endangering your health, as a study  has now shown that taking these types of supplements could put you at increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

In addition to this, a 2007 study also highlighted statistics that seem to show that men who take multivitamins are twice as likely to get prostate cancer, in the most advanced stages, causing premature death.

This is ironic, since the word ‘vitamins’ itself comes from the word ‘life’ and are something that humans believe in and make a conscious effort to incorporate as many of into their diet as possible.

Indeed, vitamins themselves are essential for human nutrition, and people who do not get enough of them can suffer from a variety of debilitating diseases such as scurvy, rickets, beriberi and pellagra. In small quantities, vitamins are very important, and, as the human body does not make any vitamins. They are only available through supplements or in foods.

Experts claim that most people receive a perfectly sufficient complement of vitamins as part of their normal daily diet, but most people find this hard to believe, and this leads to them taking extra vitamins in the form of a supplement. They will be shocked, then, by the research which shows that women who take multivitamins are far more likely to die early than women who do not take multivitamins, and the other piece of research which shows that men who take vitamin E find themselves at increased risk of developing prostate cancer.


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