The Whey Forward: Seven Reasons to Take a Supplement

If you dream of a killer body, exercising along isn’t enough to get you there. Yes, a healthy, balanced diet and the right exercise regime provide the foundation to your wellness, but you’re not going to build anymore on that until you have the right supplement. Here are seven reasons why, for muscle-bound men, whey protein is the whey forward!


1. Brilliant Biological Value (BV) – Understanding BV is essential if you want to establish your muscular durability, as it measures your body’s rate of absorption as well as the effectiveness of a protein. The BV of whey is 170, which means it is the best source of BCAA and so has the most impact on your weight loss, muscle mass and overall well-being.


2. Excellent Eating Effect – The “effect of satiation” in why helps you to feel as though you have a full stomach, meaning that you have a smaller appetite and won’t overeat. Therefore, if you’re going for the “trimmed and toned” look, regular exercise and a leucine-rich whey protein can help you to achieve lean muscle mass and a fat-less body.


3. Post-Workout Protein – After a workout, your body hits a reverting stage and craves instant protein. When this occurs, whey protein supplements can provide the protein you need.


4. Good Glutathione Levels – If you’re undergoing some surgery or suffering from any ailment, glutathione helps in your overall nutritional status. As whey helps in binding minerals, lipids and fat soluble vitamins, it can help to heighten this metabolic process and increase the levels of Glutathione in your blood, which strengthens your muscles.


5. Indestructible Immune System – OK, whey won’t make you indestructible, but it contains enough antioxidants to help your immune system become pretty darn strong. According to recent research, if you consume whey on a regular basis, you will have a much stronger immune system than those who don’t.


6. Healthier Heart – When you use whey regularly, you significantly reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, C reactive protein, hypertension and other cardiovascular risks.


7. Combating the Big C – Not only does whey increase your glutathione level (which helps in improving the muscle strength of a patient undergoing any treatment) but scientists are of the opinion whey reduces colon and breast cancer tumours, both in terms of size and number. Therefore, your whey supplement could be reducing your chances of developing cancerous cells and even tumours.

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