How to be at Your Most Fit and Active in the Summertime

Summer is the best time for fitness, as when the weather is nice you can get outdoors. Caring for your physical wellness and wellbeing almost come naturally when you are able to move around freely outside, and it can also be a great time for bonding between parents and children as they take part in an active activity together.


Of course, the pitfall to avoid is spending time actually lounging around in the warm weather! Instead, you should aim to mix a bit of creativity with fitness and actually plan family fitness time. If you manage to raise your family’s fitness levels you will have done them a massive service, in terms of boosting their health and protecting their immune systems for the winter ahead.


Getting active together as a family also allows children to grow up in an atmosphere where physical activity is the norm, and these habits benefit them for life and help them to avoid issues such as weight gain and obesity in later life. Not only that, but people who are active also lower their blood pressure, reduce their risk of getting certain cancers and diabetes, improve their cholesterol and also boost their self-esteem and confidence.


The British Heart Foundation recommends that children spend around 60 minutes per day doing something physical such as playing sports, walking, swimming, dancing or cycling.


One way that you can incorporate some of these is to go on a day trip. Think about outdoor places that you could go, such as a hiking trail, and pack a healthy picnic to enjoy along the way. Flying kites is also a simple but very effective way of running around and getting some exercise. A day trip to somewhere like a zoo can be extremely useful, too, as when you are walking around looking at something interesting, you often don’t realise just how far you have walked or how much exercise you are taking.

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