Lacking Passion? Try These Tricks to Bolster Your Sex Life

Every relationship loses its spark eventually where things in the bedroom are concerned, but you don’t need to accept this as fact and settle for a mediocre love life. With a few thoughtful additions to your love life, you can maintain the passion and enjoy a fulfilling sex life for many years. Here are some ideas that you could try to integrate into your sex life with your partner.


Surprise your partner with sex

Sex can become a little routine if you’re not careful to keep things interesting. Surprising your lover with sex will keep things passionate and exciting between you both. Why not try talking dirty to them when you’re in bed together, or make an unexpected visit to his workplace for a sneaky sex session on their lunch break? You could turn a regular night in watching the TV into something more exciting by masturbating next to your partner to get them in the mood for sex. Your creativity is limitless here – you can be as adventurous as you want to be.

Greet your lover at the door wearing nothing at all

This one speaks for itself – there’s no better way of getting your partner excited about the prospect of sex than surprising them after a long day of work wearing nothing at all. If you’re nervous about being so bold, you could make it a little tamer by wearing sexy underwear instead.

Take the lead

If you want something more exciting from your sex life, ask for it! Take some time out with your lover to be bold and make yourself heard. Tell them what you want from them during sex, speak up about your fantasies and give them directions on how to really please you. It doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation – take it slow, relax and simply strike up a flirty conversation about how you feel about your sex life to get the communication going. Be sure not to use criticism to get your point across though. Using praise is a far nicer and kinder way to make yourself heard.

Mimic a sexy film scene

Porn is great but it can seem a little unrealistic and full-on, particularly if you’re nervous about taking the lead in your sex life. So why not tone it down a little and recreate a sexy scene from a film instead? This can be easier to introduce as well – simply put the film on, and then start to touch your partner when the scene begins. It can happen more naturally and be quite sexy for the both of you. It might even give you some ideas for ways to spice up your sex life later on as well, with a new position or location where you could have sex. Be more open to new things and try to be bolder with your sexual experimentation – you may find you enjoy it more than you thought you would!

Start things outdoors and finish when you get home

If you want to make things a little more exciting, try starting something sexual when you’re out with your lover to make things more passionate when you get home. Why not try whispering something sexy to your partner when you’re out at dinner to get them aroused? You could try texting them with things you want to do to them when you see them as well, so that they’ll be thinking of you all day.

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