Is Sex Really Better When You Are Away On Holiday?

Proving once and for all that sex is closely linked to emotional issues for women, a recent study has proved that women have better sex when they are on holidays. Of course, we’ve always known that travelling can benefit your emotional wellness and wellbeing, but now it appears that going on holiday can even make your sex life better!


The study has been dubbed The Expedia Pleasure Index, and it found that people who travel are generally happier people overall. Americans in particular love holidays so much that they were found to be happier when on holiday than they were on birthdays, weddings or even their marriages as a whole!


In addition to this, getting away from things can really help to make your work life better, your relationships better and improve your home life overall.


Couples that travel together are far more likely to be sexual and intimate together when they are on holiday than they would be when at home. This is because being away on holiday removes all those external stresses and strains and allows couples to focus simply on the two of them for a period of time.


There is also a way to bring this ‘vacation mode’ home with you – some people find that treating their bedroom as if it is a hotel room can lead to increased sex, as people get that same holiday feeling when they are in bed. That means, keeping clean sheets on the bed all the time, keeping candles burning in the room, having adult toys to hand and making sure that the room is not used for anything else, i.e. working or the children playing.


Others find that holiday sex is simply a case of being more relaxed, having new sensations (such as being in a different bed or in a new place) and that these things can be brought home too, by moving furniture around or spicing it up and having sex in different rooms.

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