Three Steps to a Healthier Work Experience

If you work in a desk-based job, you may be aware of the risk to your health from sitting down all day and limiting the amount of physical activity you get. While the structure of many modern businesses are changing, such as including gyms and workplace wellness schemes, desk workers can be at risk of feeling trapped. This trapped feeling means that you need to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. There are ways that you can improve your working week so that you feel less sluggish. Here are three ways to kick start your working experience, to boost your health and wellbeing.



One of the most common problems in people who work in a desk-based job is their posture – sitting down all day can get uncomfortable, and it’s easy to slip into a position that damages your back after time. You lean over your keyboard to get closer to the screen, or your slide back and slouch whilst you work. Try working on your posture first and foremost, as you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to your overall wellbeing and health. You’ll need to be conscious of it all the time for the first few weeks, until your body begins to do it naturally. Keep your shoulders back and your back straight, so that you’re not slouching. Having a good posture doesn’t just help your own health – it also gives a better impression to others in the office, as it shows that you’re more confident and attentive at work. If you’re squinting and struggling to see the computer screen, get your eyes checked.

Keep active

Keep yourself moving throughout the day, as sitting down for seven hours isn’t going to do anything for your circulation and health. Five minutes every hour or so to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing can do wonders. Try getting up to get a drink, go to the toilet or even just walk around the office to speak to a co-worker. Just get the blood flowing, however you want to do it. If you’re sitting with good posture or without, you’ll still notice that you’ll get sore sitting down for too long. Getting up and staying active can alleviate this problem and help to keep your blood flowing. Also, make the most of your lunch break and go for a walk – don’t spend this vital time sitting down again.

Eat healthy snacks

This isn’t so much about staying fit, but it is important that you eat well when you’re at work – you’re there for forty hours a week, so what you eat during this time counts. Many people notice that when they’ve been working in a place for a while, they begin to develop poor eating habits. What you eat fuels your body throughout the day, so choose wisely. This means ditching the crisps and biscuits for water, fruit and vegetables, and nuts. They’ll give your body an energy boost without loading you up on empty calories and high sugar contents. You’ll also notice that your energy lasts for longer. This is because snacks such as crisps and chocolate may give you an instant hit of energy, but it will be short lived, leaving you with that afternoon slump that we’ve all experienced. Try to begin the day with a filling and healthy breakfast, such as cereal or porridge, then a snack of fruit mid-morning. At lunch time, fill up on plenty of veggies and lean protein to see you through the afternoon, and munch on nuts and seeds if you get peckish.

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