How to Avoid Committing Any of These Sexual Faux Pas

When it comes to sex and sexual health, there is nothing that you really ‘have’ to do in bed. Everybody has their own particular things that they enjoy, and it is up to partners to invest in their emotional wellness and wellbeing by finding out what each other enjoys and making sure they find a sexual routine that works with the needs of both people.


There are, however, some things that you absolutely should not do in bed. Breaking any of these sexual etiquette rules could mean that you don’t get as far as the ‘couple figuring out a sexual routine’ stage together, and you could also hurt people in the process. Manners are just as important in the bedroom as they are anywhere else (if not more so).


One of the biggest no-nos is leaving straight after sex. Men who get up and ‘flee the scene’ immediately after sex are not likely to receive an invite to come back again! You may not wish to stay the night and there is no onus to do so, but that does not mean that you have to do a runner as soon as the deed is finished.


In addition to running out the door, it is also poor etiquette to go to sleep straight afterwards. We know that men have a natural biological impulse that makes them fall asleep after intercourse, but it is good manners to at least have a small chat to say goodnight, check in emotionally with the other person and so on.


When it comes to sex, nothing is more off-putting than having dirty sheets. Even if you did not expect to have company in the bedroom that night, you can still whip a clean sheet onto the bed in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, you really should be changing your sheets on a regular basis, as having dirty sheets is not going to make people think of you as someone they want to get intimate with!

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