On-Top Tips: Five Positions That Can Fix Any Sexual Problem

Trying new position doesn’t just help to spice things up; it can fix your sexual health and wellness problems. Whether you have confidence issues, pain or you’re ready to get pregnant, there’s an ideal position for any goal. Get ready to meet the positions that will boost your wellbeing, and get you the outcome you want.


1. Making Babies: While all kinds of sexual positions can lead to pregnancy, sex coach and certified sexuality educator Amy Levine, founder of SexEdSolutions.com, recommends the missionary position with a pelvic tilt. ‘Putting a pillow under the tush can help elevate your pelvis, and create a slide effect—providing an easy path for his swimmers to make their way through your cervix on their journey to your ovum,’ she explains. ‘Typically, women who try this tend to maximize the ejaculation, since it stays in their body a little longer compared to positions in which you’re upright, allowing the semen to drip out of the vagina.’


2. Building Confidence: You on top. These are the three words that Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, says that every women needs to memorise in order to feel more confident and in control. ‘It can be confidence-building because it physically helps women to be in control,’ she notes. ‘Make sure to do it your way, though. Woman on top can be done kneeling, squatting, facing forward or facing backward, so show off whatever you or he loves most about your body.’


3. Having Orgasms: You might not have heard of the coital alignment technique, but it’s an absolute must-try for female pleasure. According to Dr. Herbenick, ‘This is a wonderful variation on missionary and one of the few sex positions that has ever been researched and found to be helpful for women who would like to orgasm during sex. It involves the guy sliding himself forward, with his shoulders past yours, and your pelvic areas grinding and not thrusting so much. This targets more stimulation on a woman’s clitoris, making it easier for some women to feel pleasure and possibly orgasm.’


4. Lasting Longer: Levine advises men who want to increase their staying power to try the missionary position with the man on top. ‘It can work for him if he has trouble going the distance,’ she comments. ‘The key is that he’s in an easy position to stop and start when his arousal is increasing at a fast rate, and can take it down a notch so he can last longer.’ Ava Cadell, a sex educator and founder of Loveology University in Los Angeles, adds, ‘The “fox” position is a variation of missionary, in which the woman’s legs go all the way up and over her lover’s shoulders. Penetration of the vagina is very deep in this position. She is contained in the boundaries of his body and he can dive totally inside her, maintaining his arousal and lasting longer.’


5. Relieving Pain: Dr Herbenick outlines two ideas for fixing intercourse-related pain. The first is to use lots of water-based lubricant, and the second is to keep the reins in your hands, and get on top. This position ‘gives the woman more control over taking sex at a pace that is comfortable for her,’ Dr Herbenick clarifies. If your pain is because your man is too well-endowed, try Dr Herbenick’s solution: ‘The guy lies on his side; she lies perpendicular to him with legs spread as they rest over his body. This allows her to hold the base of his shaft if she wants to limit his range of motion, and allows her to use pelvic rocks to create an in-and-out sensation.’

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