Try Natural Alternatives To Sex Drive Pills

We often think of our sex drive as something that we just have to live with. If you don’t have a high sex drive and your partner does, it can sometimes make things difficult or awkward in the relationship. But many people think there is nothing they can do about it so it’s not something that needs to be worried about. Unfortunately that creates the problems that when scientists a drug that can supposedly elevate your sex drive, it can create a huge demand but also leave wondering whether it is something they should really do.

So, when it was finally announced that doctors were on the verge of being able to solve the problem of low libido with pills, it became very apparent that there is a serious level of demand for such pills to be made available. Clearly low libido is something that people suffer with – and this appears to be especially true of women. Indeed, it was women who were bombarding the phones of sex therapists when an article published in the New York Times revealed there may be a drug that was about to be ready for general sale.

“My patients who read the story have been asking me about these drugs,” said Lorri Brotto, who is a psychologist at the University of British Columbia and was quoted in the magazine story. “But the study data so far have found that the pills aren’t effective for everyone with low desire – only a subgroup of women.” It turns out that the only women whom it was shown to be very effective upon were those who seem to have trouble feeling sexual stimulation rather than actually feeling a lack of desire for the act of sex, even if you do enjoy it.

The name of these two drugs are Lybrido and Lybridos and they apparently work because they contain small leaves of the libido increasing hormone testosterone which is supposed to help boost your desire to have sex. However, it seems they are actually a long way away from being ready. In fact, even to be considered for approval by drugs authorities, they need to have been shown to be effective in studies of more than 1,000 women to prove that it would be worth making them legal to be put on sale.

The problem is that many women appear to believe that their problems can be solved by simply popping a pill and hoping for the best. However, it is very likely that actually if they are already in this mind set, there is very little that a pill will actually be able to do for them. This suggests that pills need to be avoided altogether by such women and they should look for natural alternative methods for boosting their libido.

It could be that actually what you need is a bit more excitement in your sex life. Low libido is often the fault of boredom within the relationship, which is then causing you to become disinterested in the bedroom. When two people become too familiar with each other it can really make it difficult to keep up with the spontaneity that romance often needs. This leads to you feeling like sex is not worthwhile or even a waste of time.

So try some techniques such as using private email addresses to send flirty to messages and help to spark the desire to have sex a little more often. If you can build up sexual tension like this it makes it far more easy to get a positive sexual experience that you will enjoy and want to have again.

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