Using Dancing to Lose Weight and Boost Your Fitness

People gain weight for a variety of reasons, including emotional difficulties or excess weight gain during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a particularly difficult one to recover from as many women think that their bodies will simply recover on their own, and they don’t put in the hard work or fitness regimes that are generally required to recoup wellness and wellbeing and facilitate weight loss.


Whilst gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, it does take a concerted effort to lose it again. Losing weight with young children around can be a real challenge, as anyone who has ever tried to implement a fitness regime with a young child in tow can attest to! Whatever you do, your young child will want to join in and will likely end up being more of a hindrance than a help.


Young children struggle to maintain concentration long enough to do yoga or strengthening moves, so one way forward that allows you to both exercise together is to crank up some music and both dance around like crazy. You and your child will likely be exhausted and having a great time within minutes.


The best thing about dancing with your young child is that the crazier your dance moves are, the more that your child will enjoy them and the more of a workout you will get. You may feel al little silly at first, but when you stick with it you will realise that this fun dancing has really become a great workout.


Avoid prescriptive exercise or workout DVDs, as young children find it difficult to follow these. Instead, simply choose some up tempo music and really let loose with the crazy dance moves, moving your body in all directions and having as much fun as you possibly can. You will soon see the weight start to drop off.

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