The Important Cardio Rules That Everyone Should Follow

To keep your fitness levels up, you need to do a regular cardio workout. Not only will this be great for your wellness and wellbeing, it will help to keep your body in good shape, which in itself is a boost to your self-confidence and mental health. Cardio is not something that everyone automatically gets right, however, and you may actually find that your cardio workout is doing you more harm than good. You might find that you are getting more injuries than you would like, for example, or your weight loss may have plateaued.


To make sure that your cardio session is working for you, mix things up a bit. Pick up the pace and add a few interval training circuits into your workout. This will help you to burn more calories and will undoubtedly increase your endurance, too. High intensity interval workouts will help you to increase the calorie burn and ensure that your time in the gym is not wasted.


Don’t just stick to cardio either, as you will find that your body quickly becomes used to the same type of exercise. If you add some strength training (even just ten minutes) can make a huge difference to how your metabolism works.


Start slowly, too, to avoid injuries. A full on sprint without warming up can cause burnout and injury, so make sure that you do a proper warmup before starting any exercise. Five minutes of slow jogging, walking uphill or slower reps on an elliptical machine or bike will get your muscles primed and ready for a good workout.


Don’t do too much, either – there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing. Over training can lead to injury and fatigue. Be aware of how your body is feeling and cut back on the training if you are feeling overtired.

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