What Are the Risks of Sex During Early Pregnancy?

Many women are concerned about having any kind of sexual intimacy during their pregnancy, as they fear that it may harm the wellness and wellbeing of their unborn baby. Other women have completely the opposite reaction, and want to have more sex with their partner as they feel emotionally connected to them, or the hormones make them feel in the mood.


Sometimes the symptoms of early pregnancy can also reduce your desire for sex. These symptoms can include extreme tiredness and morning sickness, and these both make the idea of sex really off-putting.


Many women are also afraid that penetrative sex could cause them to have a miscarriage, but experts all agree that this is not a cause of miscarriage. If you do suffer from a miscarriage, you do not need to worry that having sex caused it. Orgasms also cannot cause miscarriages.


Your partner may also be concerned about having sex. In early pregnancy they fear disturbing the developing foetus and in later pregnancy they worry they may bump against the baby during sex. This worry is completely unfounded, as no man has a penis either long enough or capable of penetrating a sealed cervix! The baby is well cushioned inside the uterus.


Sex can also be physically uncomfortable during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body. Some women have tender breasts and any contact with them can be painful. Other women find that their cervix and vagina can be swollen, uncomfortable or a little dry.


If you discover that you are pregnant and feel anxious about sex, give yourself a little time to digest the news. You may find that when you have had time to think about it, you feel more inclined to resume sexual relations.

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