Could These Strange Tricks Help You to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is not always a case of simply eating less and increasing your fitness. There are other things that you can do to improve your wellness and wellbeing by reducing the amount of food that you eat.


One trick that many people swear by is sniffing an apple, a banana or a peppermint. This strange tip is actually backed up by science. A research project was run by Dr Alan Hirsch from the University of Chicago, who did a trial involving 3,000 volunteers. During the trial, he found that the more people sniffed these items, the less they felt hungry and the less they ate, leading to increased weight loss. A theory suggests that when your brain smells food it feels like it is eating, and so is tricked into feeling full. This could also explain why people who cook from scratch also tend to be slimmer, as they spend a long time inhaling the smells of the food and so probably eat less in the end.


A rather drastic trick is to hang a mirror opposite where you sit at the table. Looking at yourself while you eat reminds you the entire time of your goals, and makes you more conscious of what you are eating and how much.


The colour blue is also thought to be very useful in weight loss. Studies have shown that the colour blue acts as an appetite suppressant (which is why you won’t see many restaurants decorated in blue). Use blue dinner plates or a blue cloth to help discourage your appetite. On the other hand, you should avoid the colours, red, orange and yellow in your dining room, as studies have shown that these colours actually encourage your appetite, and so if your décor, plates, tablecloth or even clothes are any of these colours you are likely to eat more food than you would otherwise.

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