The Moves to Get You a Sexy Set of Ab Muscles

Ask anyone in the street, and they will tell you that they would love to have a flat, toned stomach. To have a healthy set of abs, however, you need to do far more than a few crunches. You need to lose weight, increase your fitness and change your lifestyle to boost your overall wellness and wellbeing.


On top of improving your overall health, there is lots that you can do to help improve your abdominal muscles. Forget boring old crunches and sit ups, and don’t think for a second that you have to buy ridiculous ab equipment that you only use for a week and then sits around gathering dust. There are actually a couple of basic and very simple abdominal exercises that you can do that will help you a long way on the path to getting some seriously sexy abs.


Figure eights are an excellent way of getting great abdominal tone. These have nothing to do with figure skating and are in fact exercises that you do whilst sitting on a chair. Keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Hold a dishtowel with your left hand and let it hang down on your left-hand side. After that, make a figure of eight motion with the tea towel on one side of you, and then switch arms. Make sure that your figures of eight are really big, and you are fully extending your arm.


Another exercise involves you lying down on the floor (but the good news is that it has nothing to do with a sit up). Use the dishtowel again and, wrapping it around the ball of your left foot and keeping your right leg bent slightly at the knee. Extend the wrapped leg outwards, and then climb up the dishtowel with your hands.

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