Best Tricks to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Wellness

Losing weight and improving your fitness doesn’t have to be an awful process. It is possible to improve your wellness and wellbeing without going to any swanky resort or putting yourself through hell down at the gym.


If you’re trying to do it the easy way, fibre is your friend. Fibre helps you to absorb the fat and cholesterol in your body and it also travels down your digestive tract really nicely which helps to stop any excess weight from water retention or constipation.


The recommended daily consumption of fibre is 30 grams, and it should be easy enough to get this into your diet. For breakfast, you could have a cup of Greek yoghurt with granola, some popcorn for a snack, chickpeas with your lunch, apples and almonds as a snack and then broccoli and quinoa with your evening meal, and that would fulfil your dietary requirements.


There are also easy ways to drop a few pounds quickly. For example, most people consume a great deal of calories at night, which is a bad idea because your metabolism slows down and you find it harder to burn off these calories again at that time of day. A really simple strategy to help avoid this is to make sure that breakfast is the biggest meal of the day. If you start with, for example, a 500 calorie breakfast and then have 400 for lunch and a 200 calorie tea, with a couple of 100 – 200 calorie snacks during the day. This will give you your total calorie content for the day but just in the reverse order to what you might expect.


Beating your cravings is also possible. Instead of depriving yourself altogether or tucking in straight away, the best way to beat cravings is simply to delay gratification. Tell yourself that it’s not that you won’t indulge, but that you won’t indulge straight away.

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