7 Simple Health Tips for the Freelancer


Even if you work from home, you can still get sick. And taking a sick-day can result in tons of work and tighter deadlines the next day, not to mention the possible damage on your credibility and payment.


To keep the dollars rolling in, here are seven ways to stay healthy and live better in your work environment – in this case, your home.


1. Get out of your jammies

Even if you don’t get to see your client face to face, there’s something about getting showered and dressed to start your workday. Aside from helping you increase your productivity, staying well-groomed before starting your work will keep you away from viral and bacterial infections that may be detrimental to your health.  Furthermore, if you’d want to convey professionalism and competence to your employers, working in your jammies won’t be a good idea, too.


2. Keep snacking at bay

One of the dangers of freelancing is having access to all kinds of food any time of the day. However, just because your refrigerator is at arm’s length doesn’t mean you need to keep on munching all day long. Try to think of your home as a corporate office. Make specific time for breaks and food. Also make sure you have healthy snacks. When you go shopping, include fruits and vegetables. Shoving bags of potato chips into your mouth won’t do any good to your waistline and overall health.


3. Stand when answering calls

Studies have shown that sitting down for more than two hours, especially in front of a computer screen, is detrimental to your health. One way to overcome that is to pace around the house when you need to answer a call, or when you need to think. Standing up and moving can stretch your muscles and help in proper body circulation. When I run out of ideas to write, I walk around and come back to the desk refreshed.


4. Take your eyes away from the computer

If you work from home, chances are you’re facing a computer for 8-10 hours a day. One way to protect your eyes is to take them off the screen at least 10 minutes every hour. You can look at something else or close your eyes. Staring at the computer for too long will cause eyestrain and headaches.


5. Break a sweat

You have a lot of options. You can either exercise indoors or sign up for a gym membership. With the right equipment, you can lift weights, run on a treadmill, or go yoga in the comforts of your own home. However, if I were you, I’d prefer breaking a sweat outdoors or in a gym. This way, you get to see things beyond your desk while keeping your body fit. Run around the block or join a martial arts class. You get to meet more people and gain friends, keeping your social life healthy as well.


6. Take time to unwind

When there’s no clear separation between home and work, it really gets easy to keep working instead of having a normal life. A healthy person should have a work-life balance. When you are able to leave the house, take the opportunity. Go out for lunch, shop, watch a movie, and meet friends. Set a specific time to unplug from work. This will help you recharge for another work day.


7. Drink lots of water

Water is a very essential factor for one’s overall health. It keeps the cells hydrated and helps the body function properly. Staying hydrated also keeps the immune system alert and ready to block any possible infection. Since you’re based at home, see to it that you have access clean and safe drinking water. De Anza Water Conditioning Inc. has water filtration systems that provide worry-free drinking water for the entire family.


Some of these healthy working ideas may seem ordinary, but they’re powerful. I hope they help you avoid sick days while working from home.


About the author

Melissa Page is a professional writer and a health buff. When she’s not writing about health, she’s at the gym or preparing a healthy meal at home.

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