Could This Cardio Workout Be Your Toughest Yet?

Created in a studio known as Pure Yoga in New York City, by yoga teacher Loren Bassett and personal trainer Cole McDonough, the cardio workout brainchild they developed has become a popular training scheme for anyone hoping to tone up and improve their fitness. Bassett explains that she wanted to go above and beyond her usual practice and fuse it with cross -training to combine a really intense but enjoyable workout. The result of this thinking is a 75 minute blend of high intensity cardio intervals, strength training, core work and power yoga. To top it all off, it takes place in a heated room between 95 and 100 degrees.

Naturally, doing high-powered cardio in a room of that temperature carries the risk of overheating, so it’s vital that you hydrate thoroughly before, during and after your class with twice your usual water intake. If you’re used to Bikram yoga, you’ll be familiar with the concept of working out in a hot room, but this is something altogether different in terms of intensity and effort. It begins with peaceful yoga movements that you’ll no doubt be familiar with – downward dog and sun salutations, included. But then your teacher ups the ante with a well-known favourite among the gym world – burpees. If you’re not aware of this move, it requires you to begin in a standing position, dropping into a squat with your hands on the ground, kicking your feet back while lowering yourself into a push-up position then leaping back up into a standing position. It’s heavy going on your limbs and you’ll no doubt feel the effects after just one or two. Bassett explains that these one minute intervals of drills are incorporated to really push the cardio and muscular systems to their limit, as well as increasing the heart rate and burning calories. This entire class burns around 800 calories, so if you’re exercising to lose weight it’s the ideal choice.



So what else is included? The 75 minute class comprises lunge jumps., tricep rows, squat presses and side squats, as well as weights for strength building and core exercises. You’ll also be required to hold a yoga block between your legs to really build up your core. Doing all of this in a steaming hot room certainly forces you to work to your max. And to make it that little bit harder, you don’t get a break – the various yoga poses are supposed to serve as your recovery moments. Surprisingly, you’ll find that by the end of the class, you’ll be eager to come back – tired though you may be, this is an intense and rewarding workout. If you want to get into shape, this combination of cross training and hybrid workouts really is the key – it ticks all the boxes, from toning to strength building.



Post-class, the muscles may be burning but you’ll realise just how much your body has achieved in that single class. If you want to create a cardio workout that really challenges your body, you need to combine it with other forms of exercise that work every inch of your body. This particular workout, though still rising in popularity and prevalence, is fast becoming a great example of how yoga, weight training and cardio can be mixed to form the ultimate exercise programme. As with any workout, if you’re new to exercise, it’s best to seek the advice of your GP before embarking on a new exercise regime – particularly one as intense as this.

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