How Long Should You Wait Before Jumping into Bed?

When embarking on a new relationship, it is always important to consider the right timing for allowing things to take a sexual turn. People have different views on how long these things should take, with some feeling that there is no merit in holding back if it feels like the right timing, and others feeling that they need to safeguard their sexual and emotional wellness and wellbeing by holding off on intimate relations until a grounded relationship has developed.


No matter what your views, having sex on the first date is generally considered to be a big no no. This is especially the case if you are hoping that it will turn into a long term relationship. First of all, when you have sex, your body releases a chemical called oxytocin, which makes you feel loving and bonded towards your partner. If you do not know them properly, you can end up feeling bonded towards someone that you actually have little in common with, and find yourself trying to create a future with someone who is all wrong for you, thus wasting both of your time. Taking the time to get to know someone before sleeping together is always a wiser idea. If you’re just looking for sex, then that is fine, but understand that the hormones and emotions involved in sex can confuse things if you are actually looking for something longer term.


People often utter regrets about sleeping with a partner too quickly, and there is a fear that it ‘dooms’ the relationship. Of course, this is not always the case and there are plenty of examples of couples who have been together for a long time following what started as a quick roll in the hay. For every example of it working out, however, there are far more examples of it being embarrassing and sabotaging the potential budding relationship before it has even begun.

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