Could You Burn Away Your Belly Fat in 15 Minutes a Day?

People who carry excess weight are often particularly self-conscious about their tummies. As well as using fitness regimes to boost your general wellness and wellbeing, you can also target this hated belly fat and create the trim waist that you’ve been longing for. A two-pronged attack is needed for this; you need to tackle your belly fat by exercising the muscles and also by getting your heart beating fast.


A cardio and abs workout is a great way to get into shape, and the best news is that it doesn’t need to take much time. Doing this sort of routine for only 15 minutes per day can dramatically change the shape of your midriff, as well as burning away your general body fat.


Burpees are the most loved and hated exercise of all, but they were wonderfully effective when it comes to burning belly fat. To do a burpee, start with your feet together and your hands up above your head. Bend forwards and place your hands on the floor, jumping your feet backwards until you are in a plank position. Then, hold this position for a beat, and then jump your feet forwards, towards your hands, and then stand up straight again. If you do this 30 times, the resulting ache to your core will show you what a fantastic workout your muscles are getting, and you will find yourself out of breath and with a racing heart, too, meaning that your body is busily burning fat.


When your heart rate has been raised by the burpees, you can do some core strength work. Get into a plank position and then hold it for five seconds. When you reach the count of five, lower yourself down onto your elbows, keeping the rest of your body tight and using only your arms to do so. Hold your body in the elbow plank for about five seconds and then push yourself back up into the regular plank. Do this for around a minute in total, moving up and down between the two planks.

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