Unusual Fitness Classes That You Must Try Today!

Group fitness classes are a great way of helping people to improve their fitness and lose weight. With the encouragement and support of others, and the sheer good fun that many of them offer, people feel like they are attending a social club and forget that they are actually benefiting their wellness and wellbeing at all!


Traditional classes still have a place, of course, and can be fantastic for helping you to improve your body shape, strength and confidence, but the new classes that are emerging are helping to take the notion of group fitness to a whole new level.


One such class is the Weighted Hula Hoop class. Hula hooping is generally considered a child’s game, but have you ever tried maintaining a swirling hula hoop for more than a few seconds? It’s very difficult, great fun and really exhausting. In these classes, weighted hoops that weigh between one and five pounds are used, and the exercises help to tone up the torso and core, as well as increasing balance and strength.


Taking this to a whole new level are Hula Hoop Dance classes. These incorporate rhythm, strength training and cardio into one great routine. It tones the muscles and has varying skill levels so that you can enjoy the classes as a beginner or a seasoned hooper.


All you need to bring to the classes is a hula hoop and a good dose of perseverance! You should wear clothing that is flexible but that is not terribly loose – so something like yoga wear.


Circus Hooping is another way to enjoy group hula hooping. These classes incorporate specific hula hooping circus tricks and are designed to blast your heart rate up and get your body working, toning the quads, calves, hips and those all-important abdominal muscles.

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