How Red Wine Assists in Hearing and Brain Function


Researchers have recently discovered that a compound called resveratrol , which is found in red wine and also in red grapes, can help protect against hearing loss and age-related cognitive issues. The research was published by the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. This research shows that rats who were given resveratrol  were far less likely to experience any prolonged effects of noise-related hearing loss if they had taken the compound before long-term exposure to the noise. In other words, taking resveratrol seems to shield the ears from negative effects that usually occur from exposure to prolonged loud noises. This article discusses what these findings mean, their implications, and how you can protect your hearing.


The Research

Research indicates that the compound itself may actually reduce the risk of hearing loss. The way it does this is by reducing the bio inflammatory response to loud noises, which medical researchers believe is the reason hearing loss occurs. Bio Inflammation happens when injury occurs. When you’re exposed to loud noises, the body perceives it as an injury to your ear. Just as you will experience swelling of your skin if you get cut, your ear will do same thing if damaged by loud noise, and that inflammation can cause further damage to your hearing. Since this compound seems to reduce the inflammatory response, it can protect you from loss of hearing.



The compound has been proven to at least have some helpful effects. Consuming more of the compound might be helpful to overall hearing health, as well. Since studies show the compound also wards off cognitive disease, it is helpful for more than one part of your body. For those who don’t want to drink or don’t like grapes, you can actually purchase the compound in supplement form, as well. The study has several implications, two of which are the prolonged hearing of individuals who take it, and the introduction of a way to possibly prevent a significant amount of hearing damage.


Using Common Sense

Having the compound available is not an excuse to take the supplement and then listen to extremely loud music through your headphones. Always use precautions when you’re around loud noises. Wear ear protection if your job exposes you to loud noises, particularly if you are exposed to these sounds for a prolonged period of time. There are online sources like that can help you find a doctor if you need to see one. Early intervention of hearing-related problems has shown to be very helpful in long-term success of treatment, so at the first sign of hearing problems, see a doctor.


Resveratrol is certainly a benefit for those who are seeking a way to prevent hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. Taking the supplement, or drinking one glass of wine per evening, is good for those who want to protect  their hearing, especially those who work around loud noises or listen to music.  Having the compound available is not an excuse to be irresponsible – always protect your hearing whenever possible. Clearly, this compound will have a positive impact on many people when used as a preventative measure to protect hearing ability and overall health.


Kenneth Bassett is a health researcher. He frequently blogs about innovative treatments and preventatives.

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