Why This Brand New Workout is Shaking Things Up

This new weight and fitness craze is sweeping the country: The Power Plate. When it comes to wellness, this craze is a massively accelerate fitness method which could transform your physical wellbeing quite significantly.


Power Plate is an oscillating platform which boosts the power of any workout. Ordinary exercises like bicep curls and calf raises are carried out in a full-body workout that lasts 30 minutes. This is not like the old-fashioned vibrating and fat jiggling contraptions that really did not good at all. It was developed by a Russian Scientist, who introduced vibrational resistance training for the astronauts in the 60s. The Power Plate is making huge ripples in the world of sport and fitness.


The theory behind Power Plates is simple – a strong current is fired through the muscles of the body, causing them to reflexively contract between 25 and 50 times every second. The muscle activity was boosted by up to 300 percent on the machines, when compared to doing the same set of exercises on the floor. The result is meant to be long and lean muscles like a supermodel.


There is also evidence supporting the use of these Power Plates. The experience for using them is quite intense. Keeping your knees bent whilst on the plate allows your body to absorb the maximum amount of vibrations, and this makes your muscles work up to four times harder than they would otherwise. Standing on the machine, you feel your muscles firing and if you stand up straight on the machine, the vibrations will actually reach as far as your face, causing your teeth to chatter!


There are no cheats associated with this machine – there is real work to be done in the form of squats, quad exercises and so on – the person on the machine really has to put in some serious hard work, and will feel the strain as they work out.

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