Can Your Sex Life Be Green? Tips For Sexual Success

Around 77 per cent of American households recycle, which is increasing all the time. And couples have sex, on average, around once every four days – this amounts to 85 times a year. So what do the two things have to do with one another? Sex makes you feel good, and it seems that going green has the same effect. 65 per cent of people in an environmental study stated that they felt good when they were making environmentally-friendly choices. So how do you do it? Here are some greener choices you can make in the bedroom.

Opt for soy candles

If you like to set the scene with some mood lighting, you may be surprised to learn that most candles aren’t green. Often, candles are made with paraffin wax, which is petroleum based. This means you’re actually burning fossil fuels when you burn a candle. You may think that has a limited effect on the climate concerns we all face, but when you think that roughly £2 billion is spent every year on candles that soon amounts to a lot of heat. Instead, choose candles made from environmentally-friendly sources, such as soy, beeswax or palm oil. The greenest options are those made locally to you as this eliminates the fuel to ship them to your location.

Choose a natural aphrodisiac

Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to support the use of aphrodisiacs, many people still enjoy using them. Often the mere power of suggestion is enough to feel the effects. Researchers have found that placebos can reduce the size of tumours, reduce pain and even the symptoms of depression, so you should never underestimate their power. You can find a number of natural aphrodisiacs in your own home, such as chocolate which boosts your mood and lowers your stress levels. The best way to find foods that do the trick is to look for foods which appeal to your senses – whether they smell, taste, look or feel good.

Use your own energy to warm up

The average household spends a fortune on energy bills every year, with around half of that cost going towards heating and cooling. So why not create your own warmth? Heat up the old fashioned way and go under the covers. Beyond the many obvious benefits, sex raises your body temperature to keep you toasty, and it also burns calories.

Find a sexy scent

Scent is really important to our sexuality and arousal, but not just pheromones. Some fragrances are sexy, but we don’t always notice because we’re not taking the time to indulge in them. Woody scents such as sandalwood or cedarwood teamed with floral scents, such as jasmine or rose, can really boost the sex drive. While commercial perfumes may smell nice, 95 per cent of the chemicals used in department store brands are derived from petroleum – in fact, some have even been linked to cancer, asthma and nervous system disorders.


Opt for a sustainable outfit When you slip into something comfortable, choose a sustainable fabric such as organic cotton and silk, bamboo or hemp. When fabrics aren’t produced organically, they contribute to the climate change problem. In fact, 10 per cent of the chemicals used in American agriculture are used to grow cotton. So, by choosing something sustainable, you’re not only helping the environment but you can look great too. There are a number of companies now using such fabrics in the production of their clothes, so there’s plenty to choose from in the way of designs.

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