What Are the Sexual Health Symptoms You Can’t Ignore?

Women are often so busy running around looking after everyone else that they fail to protect their own wellness and wellbeing. This is even more the case in the sexual health department, where embarrassment and awkwardness means that women are even less likely to talk to their GP if they are experiencing unpleasant symptoms. There are a few symptoms that you should never ignore, however, as they can mean that your health is at serious risk.


A lump or changes in your breasts is one such symptom. The best way to beat cancer is to detect it early and start treatment. That means that as soon as you feel a lump or see other changes in your breasts, such as scaliness, unevenness, discharge, dimpling or flaking, you should get in touch with your GP straight away. Nobody wants a diagnosis of cancer, but it is getting more and more common and if you are going to have a chance to fight it, you need to get on top if it early – ignoring it will not make it go away!


It’s normal to feel bloated from time to time, but if this is occurring daily and occurs for a couple of weeks, it is another symptom that you should not ignore. Ovarian cancer doesn’t really have any symptoms, but bloating is one of them. If you feel constantly full, even after eating a little food, and are bloated, or if you experience something like a change in your bowel habits, frequent urination or sudden, unexplained weight loss, it could mean that there is a more serious problem going on.


Irregular bleeding should also not be ignored. Whilst women have different menstrual cycles, most women are aware of what is normal for them. If you experience a change in menstruation, it’s time to talk to a doctor. If you have any discharge, you should also speak to a doctor, particularly if the discharge is foul smelling.

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