These Sexy Secrets Could Help Improve Your Love Life

At any one time, 4,000 people around the world are having sexual intercourse. Sex is not all about what you can do in bed, however. It is about a more rounded picture that includes your physical and emotional wellness and wellbeing. In order to have a good sexual relationship with a woman, you need to focus on the skills of caring, communication and confidence (otherwise known as the three cs).


The best news of this article is possibly the fact that sweatiness is a turn on. Men who sweat are actually oozing testosterone, and this is a biological turn on for many women. Therefore, if you find that you work up a bit of a sweat during a sex session, there is no need to worry.


When you are having sex, you should also consider the temperature of the room. A warm room is better than a cold one. If necessary, turn off the ear conditioner (or at least turn it down low) in the summer, or turn up the heating in the winter. Heat can cause the blood vessels to dilate and make the penis and vagina more likely to dilate and swell, leading enhanced arousal.


If you are having sex for reproductive purposes rather than purely for pleasure, try to ensure that the woman has an orgasm. If a woman has an orgasm she is more likely to become pregnant because the muscles in the pelvis contracting helps to draw the sperm up into the birth canal, where fertilsation can occur.


In order to make sure that an orgasm occurs make sure that you don’t rush into the main act. Foreplay such as stroking, sucking, licking and touching can help to start the process towards orgasm. You can then gradually build up the momentum until the grand finale.

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