Sexual Experiences That Everyone Should Have at Some Point

There are some sexual experiences that every man should have during his lifetime. This does not affect your wellness or wellbeing in any way, really – there is nothing to say that a man who does not experience these things is any worse off… but if you have the chance, it’s really worth trying some of them.


These sexual experiences will be the highlight of your sexual ‘career’ if you like, and they can also vary from man to man in terms of what they enjoy. For some it can be anonymous sex, passionate sex, sex in a cab, sex under a palm tree or many other different experiences – the thing that links them all together is that they are a world away from the routine sexual experiences that you have the rest of the time.


Wedding night sex is one of these experiences. It is mind-blowing because it usually happens at the end of a perfect day. She looks beautiful and has been told all day that she looks stunning, which means she feels very confident and sexy. She feels comfortable and secure having had her family around her all day, and now has the added security of having a husband.


This means that all the feel good chemicals in the brain are going nuts (such as dopamine and eniphrine) which means that she feels like giving and receiving pleasure in an almost euphoric way.


If your wedding day is long passed, there are ways to help you recapture the excitement of the day. One such trick is to write a sexy note to her in the morning and let her think about it all day. By the time you get home, her brain will have spent so long anticipating the event that she will be ready for a steamy session.

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