What to Do When Stress is Killing Your Sex Life

Did you know, stress can be a big threat to your sexual wellness and wellbeing? According to new research, female sex drives may be more sensitive to stress than male sexy drives.


Researchers at the Kinsey institute surveyed people about their moods and sexual activity and then looked at how certain moods, such as feeling depressed, happy or stressed, could affect their libido. Women were less likely than men to report a spike in desire when they were not feeling happy.


This makes sense, as men tend to like to ‘blow off steam’ when they are in a bad mood, including things like going to the gym or having sex. Women, on the other hand, tend to internalise things, and let tension build up over time.


If you are a man who is wondering if your partner’s libido is being affected by stress, you can try looking out for various signs.


One such sign is doing a lot of shopping. Draining a bank account can be a great way to relieve stress (but only temporarily!) The brain gets rewarded by the feeling of buying something new and exciting, but the high then evaporates as quickly as it arrives.


If you want to find a way to help, try to replicate the thrill of shopping without actually spending so much money. Take her somewhere new and exciting but that does not involve spending a fortune such as to a museum or art gallery.


Look out, too, for tight muscles. If you touch your partner and feel that she is tensed up, it is a sure-fire sign that she is feeling stressed. A massage can be the best way to deal with this, and a relaxing massage can also lead to other physical activity (although you shouldn’t expect it to).

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