Fizzy Yoga: The New Exercise Trend Sweeping the Country

Fizzy yoga is the latest weight control and fitness trend sweeping the country. If you’re interested in giving your overall wellness and wellbeing a huge boost this winter, you might want to check it out. Sadly, it has nothing to do with sipping fizzy champagne while striking a few yoga poses – it’s actually short for something called physiyoga and fizzy is just a cute way of abbreviating this.


Fizzy yoga is a hybrid kind of yoga which incorporates physical therapy, massage, body alignment, yoga and other techniques. The people who teach fizzy yoga are usually physical therapists as well as yoga teachers and it’s usually carried out in a one-to-one setting rather than a group situation.


Teachers of fizzy yoga usually tailor the programme to each individual who is taking part, considering their body type, any injuries that they may have and of course their natural strengths and weaknesses. It can be suitable for those who have had injuries or strains in the past, or those who simply wish to avoid them. The expertise of a physical therapist, combined with popular yoga techniques usually results in stress reduction, centring and better alignment.


Due to the fact that it is usually taught one-on-one, and each class is tailored and personalised, fizzy yoga is not cheap at all, coming in at around $200 per session. Depending on where you live, however, this may not be so very much more than a physical therapy session, and it also includes a workout. Experts estimate that doing fizzy yoga burns between 300 and 600 calories in every session.


Former Sex in the City star, Kim Kattrall, is a huge fan of Fizzy Yoga, and credits the workout with helping her to get through very gruelling performance schedules for Sweet Bird of Paradise, her latest West End of London play.

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