Group Help: 5 Professionals That Assist with Physical Limitation

For those with physical limitations, it is not enough just to have a family physician. A team of medical professionals is required to maintain the best quality of life or to see improvements in these limitations. Whether the initial cause was a traumatic accident, a chronic or congenital condition, or another situation, they need a treatment team to manage the different facets of their condition.



Who makes up this group?

Many are therapists of various types. Others are from disparate backgrounds. All of them can be necessary, depending on a patient’s individual situation.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists concentrate on physical well-being and health. They provide rehabilitation, composed primarily of guided exercises to strengthen limbs or prevent loss of muscle mass in those confined to wheelchairs. To become a physical therapist, a post-graduate degree is typically required, along with certification, usually at the state level.


Occupational Therapist

Similar to physical therapy, occupational therapy is more goal-oriented. The primary motivation is to give patients the ability to do things for themselves, including everyday activities that may be difficult for them. Becoming an occupational therapist requires a graduate degree, like those offered through the OTD graduate programs, found at, along with state-level certification.


Home Care Aides

For those who cannot do many common household tasks without assistance, home health care aides provide that assistance, along with monitoring medication or vital signs. Primarily, they assist with chores, like cleaning and cooking, along with helping with dressing or bathing, for those who can’t do it alone. They can also drive them to appointments. Home health cares aids typically do not require any special education; however, certification is sometimes required.


Medical Social Worker

These are specialized social workers who assist patients with managing their affairs, including help finding financial assistance, understanding benefits information, and helping maintain quality of life for those patients without family to assist them. Most social workers have a bachelor’s degree, but having a master’s degree can be helpful as well. Licensing varies by state.


Counseling Psychologist

For those who are emotionally affected by their condition, counseling psychologists can give them a person they can talk to about their feelings and explore how to adapt to their limitations and future prospects. Counseling psychologists typically have a graduate degree in their field and are licensed by the state where they practice.


It takes a lot of people to provide quality care to patients with physical limitations. This team can determine the quality of life for someone who depends on their advice, instruction, and therapeutic methods, and make a genuine difference in their potential recovery and future.

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