Lean Living: How To Lead A Leaner Lifestyle

If your main goal is building a leaner body, you’ll no doubt be aware of how difficult it is achieve. This multi-faceted process takes more dedication than people realise, with nutrition, lifestyle and training factors to consider. Breaking this process down into manageable bits makes it more manageable though, and you’ll start to see results far more quickly. The first rule to remember is that drinking water is far more important than simply quenching a thirst. Water can boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of toxins and waste, and also acts as an appetite suppressant. Researchers have found that people who drink two glasses of water before each meal lost 30 per cent more body fat after 12 weeks. The second rule is to be aware of your carbs and fats mixing. Mixing carbohydrates with fats within the same meal can actually spike your insulin levels, which leads to an excess level of fat storage. Try not to consume carbs within three hours of eating fat as it takes longer to be digested and could still be stored as fat by your body. The best way to combine carbs with other food groups is to opt for protein combinations, such as lean chicken breast with whole wheat pasta.

You should be able to keep your diet in check all the time, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Some changes to your meals could make a huge difference, so start eating clean. Eliminate sweets and sugary snacks, starchy carbs and alcohol. These are the main causes of weight gain and lead to those unsightly rolls around your midriff. Take them out of the equation and you’re already one step closer to a leaner physique, helping you to see better results from those efforts you’re putting in at the gym. With regards to carbs, simply cutting them out won’t work in the long term. You may see results quickly, but your body will begin to store any carbs it gets. If you want to stay lean all year around, you need to keep your ratio of fats, carbs and proteins constant, regardless if you have a cheat day or not. Another great tip is to up your intake of amino acids, particularly before, during and after workouts, as well as adding some thermogenics to your supplement regimen. You want to preserve lean muscle mass while helping the body to strip fat – when your calorie intake is down, anabolic agents such as BCAA and leucine are a must. The thermogenics will help to provide a burst of energy and also burn a little extra fat when you’re working hard in the gym.


When cheat day rolls around, don’t take it as an open invitation to eat everything that’s off limits the rest of the week. Volume eating doesn’t make for a smart cheat meal; because you’ve been cutting back on fat and sugar that you’re body is craving, when you eat those foods the body can’t possibly digest and process them. Keep it simple and manageable on your cheat days – stick to a burger and fries, and don’t be tempted to undo all the hard work you’ve put in just for the sake of one day. And don’t forget to get your rest! You should be aiming to be in bed by 10pm every night, as all of your physical transformation takes place at night while you’re resting. Studies have shown that after four nights of sleep deprivation, the body’s ability to respond to insulin drops by an average of 16 per cent – this leads to fat storage and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

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