Best Reasons to Work Out First Thing in the Morning

Finding time to work out can be a challenge, especially during the holiday season when your work and party schedule is in full swing. Every party invite you receive represents another night that you will not be hitting the gym – and if you want to keep your fitness up or control your weight, that is bad news!


Of course, spending time with family and friends and indulging in relaxation is not a bad thing for your wellness and wellbeing in a different way, but you still need to keep on top of your workouts, otherwise by the time the holidays are over, you will find that you have got into bad habits, and it will be much harder to get back to where you were.


The best way to fight against this is by making sure that you do your workouts first thing in the morning. There are numerous reasons for this, and you will find that if you stick to a morning routine, your workout will survive the holidays intact.


Working out in the morning means that you are free to grab a drink after work, or to drink in the evenings with family and friends without it jeopardising your workout. If your workout is done and dusted in the morning then you don’t need to worry about your evening commitments messing up your workout routine.


A morning workout also means that your day starts with a huge metabolism boost. This means that you are likely to burn through any calories that you consume during the day much more quickly than usual. A workout in the evening will leave your metabolism firing overnight, which is no good to you as you have no calories to burn! During the holidays, you will have even more reasons to want your metabolism firing on all cylinders, as you will be surrounded by sweets and treats.

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