Grab a Kettlebell and Try This New Workout

Kettlebells have been the big craze of 2013, with people incorporating them into their weight and fitness routines. These kettlebells are fantastic for your wellness and wellbeing, and can help you to tone up all over.


Incorporating kettlebells in your workout can help to shave valuable time off your workout, without seeing any dip in your results. Dynamic combo moves that target at least two of your muscle groups are the best way to go (such as quads and biceps) and you need to incorporate these into each rep. This is a great time saver and also challenges your stabiliser muscles which helps to improve our core strength and boost your balance.


You can use a dumbbell to do those kind of moves, but a kettlebell is even better because the weight is not evenly distributed, which means that your muscles have to work even harder to steady the bell each time you lift or swing it.


The best thing to do is do two sets of exercises three or four times per week using an eight or ten pound kettlebell.


A swing with a leg raise is one of the best exercises that you can do. In order to do these, you need to start in a half squat, holding the kettlebell with your arms straight and your chest up, hanging down between your knees. Swing the weight up overhead, holding your arms straight, and raise your right leg straight out to that side as you do so. Return to the start and then do the exact same thing with the other leg. That counts as one rep and you should do 15 in total.


Another good one to try is the lateral lunge with the biceps curl. For this one, you hold the bell in your right hand, take a step to the left and lower yourself into a side lunge. Curl the weight up towards your left shoulder and then reverse the move until you are standing. Do the same on the other side.

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