Update Your Fitness Regime In The Winter With These Sports

During winter, it’s easy to say you’re giving up on your exercise regime and retreat to the warm. But you don’t need to give up your outdoor pursuits just because the sun’s gone into hiding – there are plenty of fun exercises that you can do during the winter to keep fit and have a good time. We all need to keep fit throughout the year, and that need doesn’t go away in the winter, so it’s advisable that you find something fun to do during those colder seasons that will maintain your fitness levels and make the most of the weather. You never know, you may even enjoy the winter more than summer now! Here’s a list of some great extreme winter sports that you should definitely consider when the colder months roll around.


This is also referred to kite-boarding, and is a sport where snowboarding and kite-surfing are mixed. What makes it so enjoyable is that it doesn’t require the extreme terrain that so many sports need, so you can do this both up and down hills. Snowkiting can actually be really dangerous though, because you can reach great speeds. You also need the same physical strength that you’ll need for kite-surfing as well.

Ice Yachting

This is another summer hybrid that takes the excitement of a sailboat with the ice terrain to create a unique and enjoyable sport. This is becoming really popular in the United States, and you can now find racing competitions in the northern states as well as a number of ice yachting clubs cropping up.

Snow Kayaking

This is much like sledding, in the sense that all you need to do it is a slope, a little momentum and enough adrenaline to haul a kayak up the snow-covered hills. But once you get going, the kayak is actually a little more difficult to handle than when you’re in the water! Having the paddle to steer you will give you more control than in a standard sled, and once you’ve gathered some practice you can begin adding wax to the bottom of your kayak to build up faster speeds. Most ski resorts don’t allow this sport to take place, but you can pretty much practice anywhere where there is gravity and snow permits.

Ice Surfing

This is a real sport for adrenalin junkies where you’ll be reminded of wind surfing, but with ice blades instead of the open water. Because there is a difference in surface, this sport gives you the chance to build up faster speeds. For this reason, you’re at much more risk of injury – this is quite a dangerous sport. Before you let the wind sweep you away, remember that you don’t have brakes on this device. Try to also steer clear of thin ice – this sport comes with a fair few risks, and this is most definitely one to watch out for.

Ski Biking

This is one of the easiest extreme winter sports and consists of a bike frame with skis attached instead of wheels. With a low centre of gravity, it’s easy to sit and steer the bike as you move down the mountain. There’s a laid-back vibe to this sport, making it really fun. You may find that these bikes are hard to find or rent, but check with your local ski resort. You may be able to find a similar activity in your local area if this isn’t available.

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