Warning: Avoid These Three Big Fitness Resolutions

New Year new start, right? Many people start the New Year with all kinds of resolutions regarding their wellness and wellbeing. If your goal for 2014 is to lose weight and improve your fitness, then that’s wonderful, and all the good intentions good be excellent news for your health. However, just be aware that there are some resolutions can actually backfire on you. Here are the three resolutions that you should not ever make.


First of all, don’t convince yourself that you are going to exercise every day. It’s great to be dedicated and to be devoted to the cause, but working out every day can actually be bad for you. Fitness actually occurs in between exercise sessions rather than during the time that you are actually exercising. If you exercise every day you can actually do damage to your body. It can mean that your muscles don’t have time to recover, and you may then end up tearing them and leaving them far less effective. Aim to exercise three to five times a week instead.


Try to avoid targeting your fitness at one specific area, too, such as toning up your arms. This is simply too specific. You should aim to improve your overall fitness and health, because that’s the true purpose of working out. If you focus too much on one particular area, you can end up missing out on the health benefits of the rest of the workout.


Finally, try to avoid cutting yourself off from help and advice. If you resolve to meet your fitness goals on your own, it means you miss out on a serious fitness motivator: others in the same position. Working out with others helps you to stay on track and meet your goals.

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