Fitness in 30 Days: Are You Up to the Big Challenge?

The winter weather can play havoc with your weight loss and fitness regime, and yet it is at this busy time of year that you should work even harder to protect your wellness and wellbeing. It’s easy to lose sight of your fitness and nutrition goals when you are either bored or frantically busy, and it’s also very easy to give yourself lots of excuses for not sticking to your goals.


One of the best things that you can do is to set yourself a 30 day fitness challenge. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to be super-fit or even belong to a gym to sign up to take part in this challenge, and – best of all – the routine can be tailored for your interests and individual needs.


The point of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge is to help you do something different every day (fitness related of course) so that every muscle in your body gets a workout at some point and in some way, and you do not become bored with your fitness regime. The structured nature of this kind of plan helps you to follow it and stick to it, and the changing nature can be really beneficial if you are feeling a little bit of the January blues. The fact that the routine changes each day also gives your muscles a good amount of recovery time in between each exercise.


In order to make your own personal Fitness Challenge, you first have to draw up a chart with 30 spaces, and in each space you should allocate a different type of exercise. These exercises should be in the form of mini challenges.


There are all kinds of challenges you can set yourself, such as doing 100 push ups, doing 100 crunches, moving a mile in any way you like, doing plank exercises and so on.

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