Sex: Can It Actually Be Good For You?

Most people have sex because it feels good and because they enjoy it, as most people in consensual physical relationships do. But past the pleasure side of things, what does sex do for us? There are actually some brilliant health benefits to sex that range from improving your level of immunity to fending off certain cancers and promoting good sleeping habits. Sexual pleasure, it seems, is not just a natural process – it’s necessary. Having sex regularly can not only make you feel closer, emotionally, to your partner, but also improve your physical health. So what can you expect to see after a few extra sex sessions? One example of a health benefit is that sex increases your levels of the hormone oxytocin – this is considered to be the love hormone which promotes feelings of trust and intimacy between you and your partner. But there are further benefits to oxytocin than just improving your relationship. It also boosts endorphins to make you happier and increase your natural defences against pain.

There are some other interesting benefits to sex that most people aren’t aware of. First of all, it can lower your risk of prostate cancer due to the increase in frequency of ejaculation. In both men and women, it can also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles – these not only make for a stronger orgasm when you climax but also prevent incontinence which can affect both sexes. Sex makes us sleepy and as such it improves our sleep patterns, thanks to the increased levels of oxytocin and prolactin in the body. Ever noticed you’re less stressed after sex? That’s no coincidence, and the side effect of this is that your blood pressure also lowers too – high blood pressure is associated with a number of damaging health conditions, so this is a major bonus of sex. And experts believe that sexual activity could also improve your immune system due to the boost in production of the antibody immunoglobulin A. Your self esteem skyrockets after sex due to partner gratification, and your ageing process will also be slower due to the release of oestrogen and testosterone which can promote softer skin and shinier hair. And you’ll even be more toned! Holding certain positions and working the muscles in your thighs, back and bum all give you a great workout – working up a sweat in bed, it seems, is a great alternative to the gym!


If you don’t feel as though you’re seeing the sort of rewards you should be from your sexual activities, there are some ways you can improve. Don’t skip out on sex if you have a minor pain issue, as women’s magazines claim that many women often turn down sex because of a headache or a muscle pain. The endorphins you receive from sex could actually improve these types of minor issues and improve your wellbeing. You should also experiment with muscle control – why not try doing your Kegel exercises during sex, which can add to the pleasure for both of you and also improve your bladder control. And furthermore, don’t be shy about having sex on your period – sex during the menstrual cycle can help to reduce the risk and occurrence of painful endometriosis. Have fun with sex, mix things up and try out new positions that perhaps you’ve been nervous about trying with your partner – it could be the best things you’ve ever done for your health and wellbeing.

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