Revealed: The Foods that Affect Your Sexual Stamina

Talking about sexual wellness and wellbeing used to be a big taboo; at that point there was no sex on television, there were very few books on the subject of sex and if you were having any problems in the bedroom, you were very unlikely to go and talk to your GP about it.


Nowadays, though, sex is far more of an acceptable subject, and people are more open about their enjoyment of sex, and are able to confidently look for ways to improve their sexual stamina and increase their enjoyment.


The internet is packed full of tips to help you improve your sexual stamina, and there are also magazines and even entire books devoted to the subject. One tried and tested method, which dates back through history to ancient times, is the consumption of certain foods that are linked to sexual stamina.


Both Cleopatra and Casanova are reported to use the power of oysters, for example, to help get them into a sexy mood, whilst across the other side of the globe, the Aztecs are known for using chocolate and avocados to help boost their sexual stamina. Nowadays, chocolate, oysters and avocados are still well known for helping to increase sexual wellness.


Not everyone enjoys the flavours of these foods, however, but rest assured there is actually a plethora of food choices on the sexy menu. With such a wide variety of foodstuffs being reputed to help boost sexual stamina, there is bound to be something for everyone. Best of all they are all healthy foods, so you can eat as much of them as you feel able.


These foods include: figs, blueberries, maca, watermelon, pumpkin seeds, garlic, asparagus, almonds, chilies, eggs, celery, mangoes, bananas, pomegranate, beef liver, tomatoes, dates, wheat germ and olive oil.

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