Meditation Is The New Fat Burner

When you think of burning fat, how long would it be before you thought of meditation? Not only can meditation improve your mental and spiritual wellness, it can actually help you look after your physical wellbeing through weight loss.


By meditating, or quietly reflecting, your mind and body becomes calm, your stress levels decrease, you relax, your mind becomes clear and you find an intense feeling of wellbeing. This opens your mind to more creative and positive thoughts. In daily life, you’re often so busy that these thoughts don’t get a chance to come forward or to turn into practical application. You cannot hear the still quiet voice of your heart and spirit, or discover your dreams which are in need of living but meditation can give you the strength you require to do all big things in life, such as burning fat.


To begin, sit in a quiet area comfortably, but do not sit so comfortably that it makes you sleepy. It might be an idea to take a nap before meditating, so you can focus and concentrate on the task at hand instead of drifting off. You might like to listen to soft, instrumental music, light a candle or use an aroma remedy diffuser to send soothing fragrances into the air. Citrus, frankincense and Lavender are good scents, but you can choose whatever you like.


Then breathe slowly and deeply, counting to 10 if your mind is troubled. Once your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, you can reflect on a problem, your day, or a goal you set. This process lifts your spirits and gets rid of negative thoughts. Then you will think and live openly, admiring yourself and gaining new self-esteem. You will connect to your relationship with food, see how and why you make bad food choices and then correct them.  Further, your clear, awake mind won’t need sugar or caffeine and so you’ll lose weight by removing them from your diet. Therefore, not only can meditation boost your mental wellness, but your weight loss efforts will be maximised by adding meditation to your healthy diet and fitness programme.




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