We’re All Virgins With Some People!

I’m sure you all remember your first time, either with a sense of mild embarrassment or with starry eyes. The truth is that whether it went well or terribly, it was so long ago now that it probably doesn’t matter anymore. In a recent study it was shown that in actuality a good percentage of people are still affected by their first time. It showed that those who had a positive first time generally get more enjoyment out of their sexual experiences and those who had a negative one were generally more anxious and worried about their performance, meaning they enjoyed it less.

As I say, you probably lost you virginity a long while ago. I know I did. That doesn’t mean that first times are over though, most of us who aren’t in a long term relationship will have a fair amount of different sexual partners and that’s a lot of new first times. We’ve put together some great tips and tricks to making these first times much better than the original!

  • Be in Control – If you’re worried about not lasting long enough, make sure you masturbate before you have your date. This will make it a little harder for your to reach orgasm which will mean you last longer and look after her much better! It’s very common to come too soon if it’s been a while since you last had sex or you’ve been eager to get with your partner for a long while so take that control back!
  • Time is on your side – You don’t need to leap to penetrative sex, try easing there slowly. Use your mouth a lot and make sure to use it all over her body, start at her neck and make your way down paying particular attention to her breasts and inner thighs. Though you might be good to go straight away, taking a bit of time here can arouse you both far more and make the eventual sex much more satisfying.
  • Moves? – Old moves should be forgotten, every different person has a different set of erogenous zones. You can actually ask someone before you get going ‘what do you like?’. In my experience people are very open to answering this as it actually makes intercourse better for all parties!

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