Why Rice Protein has Become a Popular Choice in Sports Diets

riceA new study has indicated that rice protein is as effective as whey protein, and is as popular with fitness fanatics as well! According to those looking to build muscle, rice protein makes a great addition to your diet as it increases lean body mass and helps to build stronger and more powerful muscles. The amino acids found in rice protein are very closely linked to those on whey protein, which is why this new fitness addition has become so popular. When combined with resistance training, it has been proven to show great gains in muscle mass.

While whey and soy proteins are common in sports nutrition, rice protein offers a vegan alternative to whey, which is sourced from milk. Rice protein is also absorbed and utilised by the body more effectively than other forms of protein – its mild flavour makes it an un-obstrusive element to your diet, so you can add it to cereal or yoghurt without worrying about strong tastes or packing your meal with too many calories.

When you’re trying to build muscle mass you should aim to combine various elements of your lifestyle – simply adding rice protein to your foods won’t create a leaner body. Resistance training is the best form of exercise for building muscle mass and burning calories, so you should aim to do a couple of sessions of this each week. Likewise, your diet should alter to reflect the changes you’ve made to your level of physical activity. You should aim to eat foods that are low in fat and sugar, as well as upping your intake of fruit and vegetables for the vital nutrients your body needs. With these changes, you’ll start to see a  boost in your energy – when these are added to the addition of rice protein, your muscle mass will improve vastly.

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