Water, Water Everywhere, So Why Aren’t You Drinking It?

If you’ve ever been to a foreign country where the drinking water isn’t safe, you suddenly realise how important water is to your well-being, and just general life. Cleaning teeth becomes a hassle, you have to remain tight-lipped in the shower, and you suddenly start chugging two-litre bottles of the stuff at a time. However, back in Blighty, where we have safe drinking water in ample supply, we’re less inclined to actually drink it. Why bother when there’s so many alternatives that taste better, that have more caffeine or that get you more drunk? But when it comes to the wellness benefits of water, there’s an ocean’s worth of reasons to start drinking more.


Weight Loss – The weight loss benefits of water have been well-documented. Not only does drinking a glass of water before each meal make you less hungry, so you consume fewer calories, but water actually boosts your metabolism too. Plus, if you opt for icy cold water, you’ll be shedding the pounds in no time as your body has to burn up calories in order to warm the water. If you limit your consumption of “more exciting” drinks to just one a day, and drink cold water the rest of the time, you’ll dramatically supercharge your weight loss.


Energy – You may forgo H2O in favour of a beverage with a little more buzz, but ironically you’re ruining your energy levels. Feeling a lack of energy is often due to dehydration and, as caffeine dehydrates, choosing coffee over water is doubly as dehydrating! Sugary fizzy drinks also have the reverse effect of boosting your energy, whereas water hydrates you the most effectively, and helps your heart to pump blood round your body, and take oxygen to your cells.


Stress reduction – Not only does being dehydrated make you more tired, it also increases your stress levels. Up to 80% of your brain tissue is made up of water, and so dehydration takes its toll on your emotions. If you spend your stressful workday tied to your computer, stopping for two minutes to grab a glass might actually help you to relax a little more.

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